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How to Remove a Signer in a Bundle
How to Remove a Signer in a Bundle
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In this help article, we will guide you on how to eliminate a designated signer from a Bundle. If a signer has been assigned to view a bundle but has not completed the process by clicking the finish button, their status will show as "started". This issue can be resolved by removing the signer, allowing the bundle status to be completed.



Removing a Signer from a Bundle

Here are the steps to remove a signer from a bundle:
1. Find the title or name of the bundle on your dashboard

2. Select the bundle.

3. Look for the 'remove' button on the right side of the email and click on it.

4. The bundle will now be marked as "complete".


In summary, properly managing your Blueink bundles is key to ensuring a seamless workflow. By knowing how to handle cases where a designated signer has not completed the process, you can take charge and successfully complete your digital documents. By following the given steps, you can efficiently remove the signer, resolve any 'Started' statuses, and continue with your document workflow smoothly.


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