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Can I duplicate a bundle?
Absolutely. Within your Blueink dashboard, when you navigate to a draft, sent, or completed bundle, you'll find the option to "Copy Bundle" at the bottom of the screen. This feature allows you to create a duplicate bundle effortlessly.

How to reactivate an expired bundle?
Unfortunately, we're not able to reactivate an expired bundle. In this case, you will need to make a copy of the bundle and resend it to the signers.

I need to print out an archived bundle that has expired, but the system will not permit this action. What should I do?
Unfortunately, once a bundle has expired, there is no way to print it. The recommended approach would be to re-send the bundle by duplicating it and having the signers re-affix their signatures to the document.

How do I assign a bundle to a team?
Click on "Basics" and you will see "Team" where you can use the dropdown and select the Team you want to associate the bundle into.

How can I locate documents from approximately two years ago?

You can retrieve any past activity bundles by navigating to the Archive, which can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

How can I restart a bundle without duplicating the previous one and updating the signers?

To initiate a new bundle without duplicating the previous version and changing the signers, navigate to the Document Templates. You'll find an option adjacent to the template labeled "Use this Template." Clicking this will generate a fresh bundle for you to incorporate the desired signers.

Can I send multiple templates at once?

Yes, you can send multiple templates simultaneously, provided that the signer roles across all templates align. To do this, navigate to "Prepare & Send," then select "Use Document Template." From there, you can either choose multiple templates you'd like to send or create a new bundle comprising multiple templates from your template library and send it. This streamlines the process of sending out multiple documents efficiently.

What is the file limit size for a bundle?

The file size limit is 20MB.

Can I schedule bundles to be sent automatically without having to return to Blueink? Unfortunately at this time we do not offer the ability to schedule a send. For now, Bundles will need to be manually sent and only the admin of the account has the ability to schedule send using our Bulk Send feature.

How do you revise a document after it has been sent?

Unfortunately, you're not able to revise a document in Blueink once it's been sent. You will need to Cancel the Bundle and resend it.

What is an "unlimited bundle"?
"Unlimited Bundles" means unlimited signing transactions. There is no cap on the number of signing bundles that can be sent out by your team of users if you are using the Business Pro Plan.

Can I download a bundle as a single PDF document or will it be downloaded as multiple PDFs?

While downloading a bundle as a single PDF may not be possible, you have the option to download bundles as multiple PDFs. Simply navigate to your dashboard, open a draft, sent, or completed document, and a dialog box will appear. From there, you can generate PDF(s) for download. Alternatively, you may choose to download the original document.

Is it possible to extend a bundle expiration date?
Unfortunately, there is no way to edit an expiration date on a bundle that has already been sent out.

If you need to ensure you get this document signed and completed I recommend making a copy of the bundle and resending it with an adjusted expiration date.

Note: If unsure when the document will get signed, you can adjust the date prior to sending it up to 365 days.

Do completed bundles get erased after a certain period of time?

No, Completed bundles will stay inside your Archive Library in your Blueink account for the lifetime of your account. The expiration date is how long your signers have to sign before the document expires.

Is there a way to resend the documents back to a signer if something wasn't completed initially?
Yes, you can easily resend the documents with all the necessary fields and information to your signer. To do this, navigate to your dashboard, locate the completed bundle, and click on it. Then, select the "Copy Bundle" option. Make sure to copy "all fields and all data" before sending it back to the signer.

Is there a way to retrieve a deleted bundle?
Once a bundle is deleted it's no longer accessible. Blueink will prompt you with a message to verify the deletion.

Is there a way to send a read only version to signers?
Yes. You can prepare the document and not assign any fields to the signers. They would receive the document to review and finish, then all parties would get a copy emailed to them.

What is an expired bundle?
An expired bundle refers to a set of documents or files grouped together for electronic signature, which has a predetermined number of days before it becomes inaccessible to signers. Once a bundle reaches its expiration date, it is considered voided and can no longer be accessed by the intended recipients. However, you have the flexibility to modify the expiration period according to your specific requirements before sending.

I wanted to know if Blue Ink has a feature where i can create a commonly signed document and upload it as a link so multiple people can sign it over and over?

Yes it does! That would be our Smartlink feature which is included in our Enterprise Plan. To check more pricing features, go here: https://blueink.com/pricing/

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