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Managing Basic Settings in Blueink
Managing Basic Settings in Blueink
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In this help article, we will explain how to manage basic settings in Blueink. By customizing this setting, you can ensure your document transactions are handled efficiently and according to your preferences.

Managing Basic Settings:

Basic settings can be configured on the "review, print, and send" stage when sending out a Document or Bundle. Basic settings can also be found in your account settings. Here are the key Basic Settings:


1.1. Bundle Label: This is optional for the signers. They can enter a label that will help identify this Bundle in the Dashboard.

1.2. Bundle expiration: Set an expiration date for the bundle to ensure it is signed within a certain time frame.

1.3 Team: The team determines who can see this Bundle and other defaults like the company name and email message when the Bundle is sent.

1.4. Branding: Assign a Signing Brand. Choose the Brand that will be shown to signers in singing-related emails and during the signing session.


Managing basic settings in Blueink ensures that your document transactions are tailored to your preferences and handled efficiently. This help article provides guidance on configuring basic settings in Blueink. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please refer to Blueink's support resources or contact the support team.

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