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How to CC Email Addresses in Blueink
How to CC Email Addresses in Blueink
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In this help article, we will explain how to CC someone on a document in Blueink. This feature allows you to include additional recipients who will receive an email notification for a copy of the signed document.

1. How to CC Email Addresses when Preparing and Sending a Document:

To email a copy of the completed Blueink document to another recipient, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare your Document

1.1. Once you are logged in, create a new document or select an existing one to add a custom subject line and message.

Step 2: Access the "Review, Print, Send" tab

2.1. While preparing your document, navigate to the "Review, Print, Send" tab. This tab allows you to review your document, make any final adjustments, and send it to the signers.

Step 3: Open the "Messages" section

3.1. On the "Review, Print, Send" tab, locate the "Messages" section on the right side of the page. This section contains options related to email notifications.

Note: When copying multiple emails, you may separate them with a comma.

2. How to CC Email Addresses in an Envelope Template

Step 1. Navigate the Platform

1.1 After logging in to your Blueink account, click “Envelope Templates” on the left corner of your screen.

Step 2. Create or Edit a new Envelope Template

2.2 Once you are in the "Envelope Templates" section, create a new envelope template or select an existing one.

Step 3. Navigate to the Delivery Options

3.3 While preparing your envelope template, navigate to the "Delivery Options" tab. This tab allows you to review your envelope settings as well as adjust custom messaging and reminders.

Step 4. Adding email addresses in the CC field

4.4 On the "Delivery Options" tab, locate the "Customize Reminders and Messages Toggle," and then the CC field will show up.

3. How to CC Email Addresses as the default for the Account

Step 1. Navigate to the Account Settings

1.1 Click the initial icon on the upper right of the page.

Step 2. Set default CC Email addresses

2.1 Go to the Message tab and type the email addresses in the CC fields.


By utilizing the cc email functionality in BlueInk, you can involve additional recipients and provide them with a copy of the signed document for their records or reference.

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