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Adjusting the Date Format in Blueink
Adjusting the Date Format in Blueink
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In this help article, we will help you learn how to adjust the format of a field on a document and customize your profile settings.

How to Adjust the Date Format in Blueink:

1. Placing a Field on the Document: Begin by identifying the field you wish to add. Then, position it within the document where it fits best.

Date Field:

Signing Date Field:

2. Changing the Format: To adjust the field format in your document, first, click on it. Navigate to the left side of your screen to locate the format properties. There, you'll encounter a drop-down menu. Click on this menu and choose the desired format from the options provided. Your chosen format will be promptly applied to the field.

3. Customizing Profile Setting's Date: To modify the date in your profile, simply navigate to the profile settings.


Remember, adjusting the format allows you to tailor the appearance of the field to your preferences. Additionally, customizing your profile settings provides you with the opportunity to personalize your overall experience. Feel free to experiment and make changes until you achieve the desired format and profile settings. Enjoy using Blueink with your customized preferences!

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