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How to Utilize Read Only Text in Blueink
How to Utilize Read Only Text in Blueink
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In Blueink, you can easily use read-only text boxes to add text to a document cannot be edited after sending. This guide will walk you through the process of using read-only text boxes in Blueink.

How to Utilize Read Only Text Boxes in Blueink:

1. Access Blueink: Open the Blueink platform and log in with your credentials.

2. Open the Document: Locate and open the document or template in which you want to add read-only text.

3. Add Text to the Document: On the bottom right of the screen is where the Read Only Text and Read Only Multi-Line text are located.

4. Adding a Read Only Text Field: By selecting the read only text box field, you will see that the field is not associated with any signer. You should observe that the field is locked and cannot be modified after sending.

Note: Read Only Multi-Line Text is similar to read-only text, but it allows you to display several lines of text. This is commonly used for documents that require paragraphs of read only text.


Remember, using read-only text boxes in Blueink allows you to protect specific fields from any modifications by disconnecting them from any assigned signer. This feature can be particularly useful when you want to preserve the content of certain fields while allowing other areas of the document to be filled in or edited by signers.

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