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Managing Emails Containing Separate Documents Sent via BlueInk
Managing Emails Containing Separate Documents Sent via BlueInk
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If you have sent yourself two separate documents or multiple documents and only received one, there may be a possibility that the second document is present in the same email thread. Follow the steps below to locate the missing email attachment.

Managing Emails Containing Multiple Documents Sent via BlueInk:

1. Locate the Blueink Signing Request Email from your inbox.

2. Open the email: Go to your email and click on the email to open it and view the contents. Pay close attention to any indications of attachments.

3. Look for the three-dot menu: In the email interface, locate the three-dot menu, typically located in the top-right corner or within a menu bar. It is often represented by an icon with three vertically aligned dots or lines.

4. Click on the three-dot menu: Click on the three-dot menu to reveal a dropdown or expanded menu with additional options.


By following these steps, you should be able to locate and access the missing email attachment that did not appear in your email inbox initially. Remember to check the same email thread as it is possible that both emails were grouped together.

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