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Understanding Checkbox and Checkbox Groups in Blueink
Understanding Checkbox and Checkbox Groups in Blueink
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Checkboxes and checkbox groups are common user interface elements used to present multiple options or choices to users. They allow users to select one or more options from a given set. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to effectively navigate and utilize checkboxes and checkbox groups in Blueink.

Understanding Checkbox and Checkbox Groups in Blueink:

1. Understanding Checkboxes: Checkboxes are individual selection controls represented by a small square box. They are typically accompanied by text describing the option they represent. Users can select or deselect checkboxes by clicking on them.

2. Understanding Checkbox Groups: Checkbox groups consist of multiple checkboxes grouped together. They are useful when presenting several related options. Checkbox groups allow users to select multiple options simultaneously. You can also put labels in each checkboxes to distinguish the options.

3. Single Selection vs. Multiple Selection: Checkboxes can be used for single or multiple selection, depending on your needs.

  • For single selection, use checkbox only where one option can be selected at a time.

  • For multiple selection, use a checkbox group where multiple options can be selected simultaneously.

4. Making the most of Checkbox Groups: When you have a document that you only want a user to select a certain number of checkboxes out of a group. You can set a max amount of checkboxes in a group that can be checked. See the example w4 below where we would not want a signer to be able to select more than one option.

Above you can see the section showing Single, Married, and Head of household. The next graphic shows how to set a "validation" only allowing one option to be selected. You can see this function at the very bottom left of the graphic. We will set a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 1 to achieve this.


Checkboxes and checkbox groups are effective user interface components for presenting and managing multiple options. By understanding their functionality, implementing them correctly, and considering accessibility, you can provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Remember to adhere to best practices and usability guidelines when working with checkboxes and checkbox groups to create intuitive interfaces.

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