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Understanding Document Template Settings in Blueink
Understanding Document Template Settings in Blueink
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The Document Template Settings in Blueink provide users with various options for customizing and managing their templates. Here's a brief overview of some key settings:

Understanding Document Template Settings in Blueink:

1. Sharing: Share this template with all Users in the Account: When creating a Document Template, users have the option to check a box to share it with all the users in their Account. By doing so, the template becomes visible to all users, including Account Admins and any Teams where the template has been added. If the box is left unchecked, the template remains visible only to the template owner.

2. Field Order: Override the default field order: By default, fields within a Document Template are presented to signers from top to bottom and left to right. However, users can override this default behavior by checking a box that allows them to set the order of fields manually. This gives users the flexibility to arrange fields according to their specific requirements. The field order can be adjusted in the field list tab.

3. Lock Template: Prevent editing of template during Bundle Preparation: Enabling the Lock Template feature ensures that the Document Template cannot be edited when it is used in a Bundle. In other words, users will be restricted from adding, editing, or removing fields on their copy of the Document Template before sending a bundle. This feature provides added control and ensures the template's integrity and consistency throughout the signing process.


These settings in Blueink empower users to customize the sharing options, field order, and locking capabilities of their Document Templates, allowing for efficient document management and enhanced user experience.

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