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How to Bulk Send in Blueink
How to Bulk Send in Blueink
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In this help article, we will explain how to use Bulk Send in Blueink. This advanced feature enables you to send documents to multiple recipients.

Using Bulk Send:

1. Create a Bundle Template: Set up a template with fields, labels, and signer roles. You can upload any type of document, such as contracts, agreements, onboarding forms, and surveys. Learn how to set up a template here. Once done, you can combine these templates and turn into a bundle.

2. Create Bulk Send: Navigate to the Bulk Send tab in your Blueink account and click "Create New Bulk Send"

2.1 You will see the template you have created as an option, select that template.

3. Click on the "Upload CSV" button: If the bundle template contains pre-existing data fields, customers will have the option to either upload a CSV file with just the signer information, or a CSV file with the signer information and the bundles data fields. If the template does not contain any data fields, only the template upload option will be shown.

4. Option 1: Upload a CSV file containing the signer data

  • To streamline the process, you can download a starter template by clicking the "Download Template". Populate the CSV file template with the necessary signer information.

  • Save the completed CSV file to your computer.

  • Finally, upload the CSV file you've prepared by clicking the "Choose a file" button or you can drag and drop the CSV File

4.1 Add Your Recipients & Recipient Data to CSV: Add your signer's information to the appropriate columns in the CSV template.

5. Send Documents: After finishing your CSV, upload the file, review the information, and simply click send. The sender will be able to send the bulk send now or schedule a send for a future time.

6. Reporting: Monitor the progress of the Bulk Send on the reporting page to track who has accessed, signed, or not yet completed the documents.


Bulk Send in Blueink simplifies sending documents to multiple recipients. This help article provides guidance on using this advanced feature. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please refer to Blueink's support resources or contact the support team.

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