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Understanding Smart Links in Blueink
Understanding Smart Links in Blueink
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In this overview guide aims to introduce you to the concept of Smart Links and demonstrate how they can streamline your document signing process. Smart Links offer an efficient solution by providing clickable URL links that enable seamless access and signing of business documents.

What is Smart Link?

A Smart Link is a clickable URL link that allows people to access and sign your business documents at any time. It eliminates the need for emailing documents back and forth or scheduling in-person meetings, streamlining the signing process.

How Smart Link Works in Blueink:

1. Document Preparation: Navigate “Bundle Template” Section, create a new bundle template or click “edit” if you wish to use an existing one.

2. Enabling the Smart Link: Once the bundle is ready, go to Smart Link section to enable it and a unique Smart Link is generated. This link can be shared with the intended signatories via email, messaging apps, or embedded within a website.

3. Signing Process: You may copy the smart link and send it to the signer, when a signatory clicks on the Smart Link, they are directed to a secure signing platform where they can review the document, add electronic signatures, and provide any necessary information.

4. Completion and Notification: After the signing process is completed, all signers involved will receive notifications confirming the successful signing of the document.


Smart Links revolutionize the document signing process by providing a convenient, time-saving, and secure method for businesses and individuals alike. By embracing this technology, you can eliminate the hassles of manual document exchanges and enable seamless signing experiences for your stakeholders.

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