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How to Add Attachments Field in Blueink
How to Add Attachments Field in Blueink
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In this help article, we will explain how to add attachments in a Document in Blueink. With Blueink, users can easily include attachments such as images, PDF files, or other relevant supporting documents to accompany their main document. This feature is particularly beneficial when there is a need to provide additional information or context alongside the primary document.

How to Add Attachments Field in Blueink:

1. To add attachments in BlueInk, users can simply navigate to the document they wish to modify and select the “Attachment” option. They can then choose the desired file from their computer or cloud storage, and BlueInk will seamlessly integrate it into the document.

2. Once the attachments field is added, allowed attachment types can be accessed on the left side of the screen. This may support various file formats based on their capabilities and compatibility. By specifying the allowed attachment types, Blueink ensures that only compatible file formats can be uploaded or attached, providing a consistent and reliable signing experience for users.


In summary, the ability to add attachments in Blueink enhances the document signing experience by providing users with the flexibility to include supporting materials. This feature streamlines communication, improves clarity, and ensures a comprehensive understanding of the documents being signed.

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