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Understanding Blueink Enterprise Plan
Understanding Blueink Enterprise Plan
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Our Enterprise plan offers a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of advanced businesses and organizations. With unlimited users and access to all Business Pro features, our Enterprise plan provides a scalable solution for companies of all sizes. Here's an overview of the key features included:

Enterprise Key Features:

1. Advanced Solutions: The Enterprise plan is equipped with advanced solutions to address complex business requirements and streamline your workflows effectively.

2. Unlimited Users: Enjoy the flexibility of adding as many users as you need, ensuring that your entire team can collaborate seamlessly within the platform.

3. Includes All Business Pro Features: In addition to the exclusive Enterprise features, you also have access to all the features available in our Business Pro plan, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to manage your document workflows.

4. Unlimited Templates: Create and utilize an unlimited number of templates, allowing you to automate document creation and streamline your processes.

5. Bulk Send: Expedite your document sending process by sending documents in bulk, saving time and effort for large-scale distribution.

6. Smart Link Forms: Utilize Smart Link Forms to create interactive and customizable forms, making it easier for recipients to provide information and complete documents.

7. Custom Reporting: Generate detailed reports tailored to your specific needs, providing valuable insights into your document management and signature processes.

8. Signing Brands: Customize the signing experience with your branding elements, maintaining a consistent and professional appearance for your recipients.

9. Teams: Collaborate effectively within your teams by organizing and managing document workflows, permissions, and access controls.

10. Customer Success Team: Gain access to our dedicated Customer Success Team, ready to assist you with any questions, issues, or customization requirements to ensure your success with the platform.

11. API and Embedded Signing Access: Seamlessly integrate electronic signature capabilities into your existing applications or platforms using our robust API and embedded signing options. HIPAA compliance is also included.


Blueink's Enterprise plan starts at a minimum Envelope/Bundle allotment of 1,000 per year. The cost per Envelope/Bundle is based on the annual allotment of Envelopes/Bundles purchased.


In conclusion, The Enterprise plan offers an all-inclusive solution designed to cater to the specific needs of advanced businesses. By providing unlimited users, advanced features, and comprehensive support, our Enterprise plan ensures a powerful and flexible document management and signing experience.

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