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Understanding Blueink Business Pro Plan
Understanding Blueink Business Pro Plan
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Business Pro is a cost-effective alternative to the DocuSign Business Pro plan, offering similar features at a significantly reduced price. With a subscription cost of only $240 annually per user, it provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for efficient document management and signing processes.

Business Pro Key Features:

1. Unlimited Envelopes-Bundles/User/Year: Users can create an unlimited number of envelopes/bundles, allowing for a high volume of document transactions without any additional costs.

2. 12 Templates: Business Pro offers a library of 12 templates, enabling users to streamline the creation and customization of frequently used document formats.

3. Real-time Audit Trail: The platform provides a real-time audit trail, giving users full visibility into the document signing process. This feature helps maintain transparency and accountability.

4. SMS Pin/Selfie/ID Authentication: To ensure secure and reliable user authentication, Business Pro supports multiple authentication methods, including SMS Pin, selfie verification, and ID authentication.

5. CC Additional Recipients: Users can easily carbon copy additional recipients, keeping them informed about the document's progress and updates.

6. Email/Chat Support: Business Pro subscribers have access to reliable email and chat support, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed.

7. SMS Delivery: The platform offers SMS delivery capabilities, allowing users to send documents directly to recipients' mobile devices via text messages.

8. Reminder Emails: Users can schedule automated reminder emails to prompt recipients to review and sign documents, reducing delays and improving overall turnaround time.

9. Custom Messaging: Business Pro allows users to include custom messages along with their documents, providing contextual information or instructions to recipients.

10. Attachment Fields: Users can add attachment fields to documents, enabling recipients to upload additional files or supporting documents as needed.


In conclusion, Business Pro offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for businesses seeking efficient document management and signing capabilities.

With its extensive feature set, including unlimited envelopes, authentication options, customizable templates, and real-time tracking, it empowers organizations to streamline their workflows and enhance collaboration while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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