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Navigating Through Multiple Bundle Emails: A Gmail User’s Manual
Navigating Through Multiple Bundle Emails: A Gmail User’s Manual

Have received multiple emails from Blueink to your Gmail account and are not seeing all of the emails this article will provide a solution.

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If multiple documents have been sent out to a Gmail address, Gmail automatically compresses all documents into one email thread - meaning you will not receive a stand alone email for each document you have received.

1. You will see an email from ‘the sender via Blueink’ email. This is the email that will contain the documents you need to sign. Depending on the number of documents the number indicating how many emails are in the thread will change e.g. in the example below there are 4 emails in the thread.

If you cannot find the email, search “Blueink” or "[email protected]" in your search bar in Gmail.

2. After clicking into the email to open it, you will see this screen. At this point you will need to scroll down within the email to view the whole email thread.

3. After scrolling towards the bottom of the document you will see the other automatically collapsed emails containing your documents to sign. Here you will need to click on the three dots in order to expand the email.

4. The collapsed email will open and you will be able to access your document.

** Please note you will need to click each collapsed email in order to expand it and access your document **

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