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Blueink Glossary: Understanding Key Features and Terms
Blueink Glossary: Understanding Key Features and Terms

In this help article, we will provide a glossary of important terms and features within the Blueink platform.

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In this help article, we will provide a glossary of important terms and features within the Blueink platform. By understanding these terms, you can better navigate and utilize the Blueink platform to manage your document transactions with ease.

Blueink Glossary:


A Bundle is a virtual package that includes everything related to a document transaction, from start to finish. You can add as many signers, documents, and attachments as you need in a single bundle, making it easy to keep track of all your document transactions.

Template (Document Template):

A Template is a pre-made document that you can create in the Template Library and store for future use. You can assign signer roles and fields for each role, making it easy to reuse the document for similar transactions.

Bundle Template:

A Bundle Template is a pre-made package of documents that you can use for Bulk Send or Smart Links. It allows you to add multiple documents, set signer roles, and assign fields for each signer, streamlining the process of sending multiple documents at once.

Certificate of Evidence:

A Certificate of Evidence is a document that provides an audit of all the important details related to a completed bundle. It includes information like who created the bundle, who the signers were, how they authenticated themselves, which documents were included, and where the signatures and attachments were placed.


Authentication is a feature that ensures the right people are signing your documents by requiring different types of verification before the signer can enter the bundle. Authentication options include SMS Pin, Driver's License, and Selfie.

Smart Link:

A Smart Link is a clickable URL link that allows people to access and sign your business documents at any time. It eliminates the need for emailing documents back and forth or scheduling in-person meetings, streamlining the signing process.

Bulk Send:

Bulk Send is a feature that allows you to send the same document to multiple signers all at once. It simplifies the document signing process and eliminates the hassle of sending multiple emails to different signers.


By familiarizing yourself with these key terms and features in the Blueink platform, you can better manage your document transactions and make the most of the platform's powerful tools. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please refer to Blueink's support resources or contact the support team.

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