"Save as Template" allows you to save sent, started, and completed bundles as templates in your template library.

The best use for this feature is if the data and/or fields in the existing bundle you save can be used for a future bundle(s).

You can also use this feature if a mistake has been made to the original bundle you've sent, by saving the bundle as a template you will have the ability to make adjustments and resend without having to restart the bundle completely.

How to "Save as Template":

  1. Click into the bundle that has the documents you would like to save as a template. These bundles are held in your Dashboard.

  2. Click on "Save as Template"

3. Select one of the three ways you can save the document as a template and then click "Save as Template".

4. The documents will then be saved as templates! You can edit these templates to make any adjustments needed or just save it for when you need the documents next.

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