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Understanding the Certificate of Evidence in Blueink
Understanding the Certificate of Evidence in Blueink

This article will help you understand what the Certificate of Evidence is.

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In this help article, we will explain what the Certificate of Evidence is in Blueink. The Certificate of Evidence provides an event log for each completed bundle, giving you a comprehensive overview of the signing process. This guide will help you understand the importance of the Certificate of Evidence and how to access it in Blueink.

What is the Certificate of Evidence?

Upon the completion of each bundle in Blueink, you will receive a Certificate of Evidence for each signer. This certificate serves as an event log, detailing various aspects of the signing process, such as:

  • Created By

  • Signers

  • Authentications

  • Documents

  • Signatures

  • Attachments

To access the Certificate of Evidence, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard in Blueink.

  2. Click on the completed bundle for which you want to view the Certificate of Evidence.

  3. Once the bundle information appears, click on the "Certificate of Evidence" option.


The Certificate of Evidence in Blueink is an essential feature that provides a detailed audit trail for each completed bundle. By accessing and reviewing the Certificate of Evidence, you can ensure the integrity of the signing process and maintain a transparent record of all activities related to a specific bundle. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please refer to Blueink's support resources or contact the support team.

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