1. Go to open your email from BlueInk and click "Review and Sign" to begin the signing process.

2. You will then enter the Welcome page of the bundle, click on "English".

3. A brief guide will be prompted with instructions on how to navigate and sign a document with BlueInk. Click the blue highlighted arrow to go through the instructions.

4. Once you have completed the instructions, you will then be able to start the signing process. Click "Next" to begin.

5. The highlighted box will indicate where the information will be entered, enter the appropriate information and then click "Save and Next" to continue the process.

6. Once all signer fields have been completed you will be prompted to enter your signature. Click "Choose Signature" and you will have the ability to either draw or type a signature to enter. Then press "Apply Signature" to enter the signature.

7. For the final step, click "Submit Document" to finish and submit the document.

Here is a quick video tutorial:

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