If you find an 806 Error Code when trying to upload a new PDF, it is likely due to a security setting or password protected PDF document.  Here are a few steps to take to fix the issue:

  1.  Unprotect the PDF - If you are using a document that you have placed a password protection on, simply open your PDF, clear the security setting, then save a copy.  That new PDF document will now upload into the BlueInk system and allow for Template creation or delivery as a one-off document.

  2. Print a "Clean" Version as a PDF - Open the PDF document and select the Print feature.  Click on the Available Printer drop down menu and select Save to PDF.  After you hit the Print button, a new copy of the PDF will be available to save to your computer.  That version of the PDF will now be uploadable into the BlueInk system.

  3. If you are using Gmail, save a copy of your PDF to your Drive (click the Google Apps button in the top right corner and select Drive).  Once saved to your Google Drive, open the document and click the Print button.  Complete the same steps listed in item 2 above and you will then have a clean copy that can be uploaded into the BlueInk system.

If none of these steps worked for you, simply start a chat with our team through the blue circle in the bottom right corner and a member of our team will assist as soon as possible.  


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