1. To send a bundle from your template library, select the template you would like to use by clicking "Use this Template".

   2. You will then be directed to the "Prepare & Send Docs" tab, verify that the correct template has been selected and press "Next: Add Signers".

   3. Add in the signers information to the appropriate signer role, after all signer roles have been implemented you can move forward by clicking "Next: Prepare Docs".

Note: If you don't have signers for signer roles, you can disable the role by clicking the blue toggle on the right side of the box.

Troubleshoot: If the "Next: Prepare Docs" isn't green, you haven't setup the signers information correctly. In most cases you'll need to press "Save".

   4. Add in a default value for any field boxes on this document, this is typically information you want to add on the document before sending to your signers. After that information is entered you can click "Next: Review and Send".

   5. Now, review the bundle and make sure field boxes and signer information is correctly entered. Once you've done that, your bundle is ready to be sent!

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