When you need to quickly upload a document, create a bundle and send for signing you will use the "Prepare & Send Doc" tab on the left side of your account.

BlueInk makes it a simple 4 step process:

  1. Upload the document that needs to be sent for signatures.

Drag and drop or click and upload the PDF that you're looking to get completed. If it is a document that's in your template library, you can upload it here by clicking "Use Document Template".

    2. Add in the signer information.

Click in the search bar and type in the name of Signer 1, if this signer has not been stored into your account it will prompt you to click "Add New Signer". After you click, it will then direct you to add in the signers email or phone number, however you would like your signer to receive the bundle. After that information is input, press "Save". You just added Signer 1!

   3. Place the field boxes in the appropriate place on the document.

Click on the field you wish to add onto the document, drag your cursor to the spot you'd like to put the field box and click again. The field will be dropped and you will then be able to resize the field to the desired size.

   4. Review and send out the created bundle for signatures. 

Lastly, you will review the bundle and ensure all fields are placed correctly and all signers have the correct name/delivery information. Once you have reviewed, click "Send" and off your bundle goes for signature!

Watch this full How-To video for more details:

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